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With the best online courses for learning English, you can unlock a world of opportunities, from advancing your career to traveling with ease and connecting with people from all over the globe.

Did you know English is the most widely spoken language in all the world? And with the best online courses for learning English, you can unlock a world of opportunities, from advancing your career to making travel easier and more enjoyable.

As a teacher who’s passionate about the power of online learning, I’ve evaluated and ranked the top English courses available online based on a variety of factors, including the comprehensiveness of the curriculum, the credentials of the instructors, reviews from students, affordability, and more ().

What are the Best Online Courses for Learning English?

1. English Online Self-Study Course (British Council)

Online Self-Study Course - English Online (British Council)

Master English at your own pace with fun, engaging, and highly effective exercises and lessons.

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From my experience as a teacher, the British Council’s online English courses are the best out there.

Going through them, it feels like they’ve thought of everything to make learning English not just effective but fun and engaging.

Their platform has some really excellent bite-sized exercises that fit perfectly into a busy schedule, making it possible for learners everywhere to improve their English bit by bit, day by day. And I like that it’s not just about memorizing words, it’s about making real progress in how you use English every day.

What I really love about the British Council’s program is how it celebrates your progress and motivates you to keep going by incorporating gamification elements that let you earn certificates and badges along the way.

It’s also cool that they give you access to their global community that connects you with fellow learners and experts worldwide, adding a rich layer of interaction to your study.

The value you get for the price is incredible in my opinion. With a small monthly fee, you get access to a huge library of exercises and the opportunity to join live webinars led by English teachers. This blend of self-paced learning with live, interactive sessions offers a learning experience that’s both flexible and engaging.

In my opinion, this is the best way to learn English online.

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2. Basic English 1: Elementary (FutureLearn)

This is a really simple, straightforward course that gives you a way to enhance your own basic English skills quickly and efficiently.

Created for beginners, this course does a good job of setting the foundation for English language proficiency. It also serves as a precursor to more advanced courses, offering a stepping stone to progress further in the language.

In my experience, the course is very well-organized and has a user-friendly structure, making the learning journey both effective and enjoyable. The curriculum covers important aspects of the English language, fostering development in speaking, reading, and listening skills.

I also like that the instructors bring a wealth of expertise to the table, offering support throughout the course.

You’ll engage in interactive learning experiences and learn how other accents sound. You’ll also be able to see how you’re doing with quizzes which is very helpful for making sure you’re progressing properly.

3. English Pronunciation in a Global World (FutureLearn)

This course breaks down the tricky parts of pronunciation that matter when you’re talking to people from different places who don’t speak English as their first language. You’ll do exercises and watch videos that help you with English sounds and how to say words with the right rhythm.

The main thing that sets this course apart is it really focuses heavily on making sure your English pronunciation sounds good. It’s about making sure you don’t just know the world but that others can actually understand you when you speak.

I love that this course gives you the confidence to talk in English in all sorts of situations, making you feel more capable in conversation. I think it’s a valuable resource for anyone, whether you need English for academic pursuits, professional advancement, or personal enrichment.

4. Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate (FutureLearn)

If you’re someone who’s mastered the basics, this course is a good option since it’s designed for intermediate-level learners. You’ll develop your ability to use English effectively in a wider range of real-life contexts, all while honing your listening skills.

Throughout the course, you’ll engage with spoken English in diverse situations, reinforcing your knowledge through short written responses to straightforward discussion questions.

By the end of the class, you’ll find yourself more at ease with both speaking and understanding basic English.

This course is open to anyone who wants to further themselves in the English language, but it’s a good idea to have at least some basic proficiency beforehand.

5. The English Master Course: English Grammar, English Speaking (Udemy)

This course from Udemy is one of the more comprehensive options I reviewed. It covers English grammar, speaking, writing, and pronunciation, encompassing both British and American English. This course helps you build the knowledge and skills to master various aspects of the English language.

With over 90 English grammar topics, you can progress from beginner to advanced levels as you work through the lesson.

By the end of the course, you’ll start to speak more fluently, even potentially approaching native speaker levels.

One of the coolest things about this course is you can also choose to train your English pronunciation, opting for either an American or British accent.

I also like that the course focuses on enhancing your writing skills and punctuation proficiency.

This course is for learners of all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced students, with a focus on building a solid foundation and advancing your English language skills.

Final Thoughts

The right online English course can improve your language skills, providing a solid foundation for both personal and professional growth.

The courses I’ve highlighted in this article combine engaging content, practical exercises, and insights from language experts, designed to meet the diverse needs of learners at any level.

Whether you’re trying to improve your conversational skills, preparing for academic success, or enhancing your professional communication, the right online English course can set you on the path to achieving your objectives.

Got questions about navigating the options for the best online courses for learning English? Drop a comment below.

The 5 Best Online Courses for Learning English (2024 Rankings) – MyeLearningWorld (2024)
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