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Join the upcoming Box Essentials Workshop - Part 2 on Thursday, June 27 at 11 a.m.

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Welcome back to the next chapter of our Box journey - Box 2.0! After the phenomenal response to our previous event, we're excited to invite you to dive deeper into the limitless possibilities of Box cloud storage. Get ready to explore advanced features, learn expert tips, and discover innovative ways to maximize your productivity and collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned Box user or just starting your cloud journey, Box 2.0 promises to be an immersive experience that will empower you to unlock the full potential of your digital workspace. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your cloud storage game!

Box offers unlimited HIPAA-compliant data storage that is free and easy to use. The intuitive cloud-based tool provides secure, 24/7 access to files from any location, on any device.We invite you to enjoy all the rich features Box has to offer. Please remember that Box activities must adhere to all UCLA Health Sciences policies and HIPAA regulations regarding viewing and sharing protected health information (PHI) and restricted information (RI).

Getting started

Box is availableto UCLA Health faculty, staff, and students at no cost with the use of your Mednet email address and password. Use Box on the web or download Box Drive to access your files from any device.

Log into Box

Download Box Drive

Guide for Box | UCLA Health IT (2)

Securing your data is our top priority!

Our instance of Box is different from that of campus because our's is HIPAA-compliant. Because of our added protections, you'll be required to take the Box 100 training course to have external collaboration enabled on your account. You'll only need to take it once but it is required to collaborate with anyone outside of UCLA Health.

Take the Box 100 course

Looking for additional information?

Box provides on-demand training, documentation, and live training opportunities atBox University.

To access Box University:

  1. Go toBox University.
  2. Select 'Login with Box'.
  3. Select 'Use Single Sign On (SSO)' and then enter your Mednet email address.
  4. Sign in with your Mednet username and password.

Recommended Training:

Box Basics

Box User Courses

Previous webinar recordings:

The Box Essentials Workshop was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. Find links to the resources covered below.

View the presentation deck on Box

Learn more about using Box in our environment

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Guide for Box | UCLA Health IT (2024)
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