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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, newly official Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 106 A Fog Lifted!


The terrifying psychic vision still fresh in their minds, the Mighty Nein quickly move onto more pressing matters – looting and escaping the boiling cavern. Beau finds four magical items in the stash, guided by Caduceus’s detect magic, while everyone tries to gather as much coin and items as they can. Veth searches for and locates her flask, gun, and Dagger of Denial, along with Skin Gorger, Beau’s suude, Caleb’s amulet, and Caduceus’s amulet. Unable to escape via magic, Yasha hacks away at the torchbloom covering their only exit. She breaks through to the path and the group exits, low on health but with pockets full of gold and trinkets.

Caleb leads the way, trying to use his Keen Mind to remember the tunnel, but going backwards through a labyrinth is a challenge even for him. He makes only one mistake, leading them down a tunnel that dead ends and coming face to face with an angry, fiery serpent. The snake attacks him and Caleb turns into a hunter shark, though this choice wedges him into the tunnel. As sharks cannot swim backwards, he is stuck. He eats the snake and loses his concentration on the spell, reverting to normal Caleb, and leads the party back to the correct path.

Eventually, they make their way out of the tunnel, emerging into the cavern of ships. Many, including Eden’s Horizon, have escaped any damage, though the cavern is full of smoke. They then realize that everyone is tapped on spells, with no way to re-cast control water to get out of the cavern. Beau, knowing this is a problem for everyone BUT her, swims ahead and shoots up through the geyser, Slow Falling to safety. Jester uses her magical paint to paint a tunnel on the cavern wall of the outside world, which forms into a real tunnel that the party easily passes through, safely arriving on the other side.


On top of the cliff, Beau sees that the volcano has calmed down considerably. She yells for Yasha to catch her and jumps off. Yasha, wanting to see if her dream was real, bamfs out her wings. Angelic, full, beautiful wings emerge as she flies into the air, catching Beau. They hover as everyone erupts in excitement. Encouraged by the Nein, Yasha flies around with Beau in her arms. The wings disappear after a minute and the two plummet to the cliff. They land hard, but safely. Both are astounded by the flight, with Beau honored to have been along on her maiden voyage and Yasha glad she was there. The two decide to head back to the others, though a palpable yearning tension remains in the air between them.

Vilya casts transport via plants and takes them close to Vo. They notice that the mysterious mist is now gone and that the Presence has also vanished. They can hear heightened voices in the distance, arguments about what to do next. Vilya, wanting to help quell the confusion, goes into the village with an invisible Veth by her side. A frustrated Lukash introduces himself as Deramid as Vilya explains what happened. Deramid and many others just want to leave the island, while some, like Anola the cook, want to stay. Vilya tries to assure everyone that there are options at their disposal. Vilya and Veth return to the Nein and explain the situation in the village. Veth suggests calling a meeting to help the villagers form a group plan, which Vilya agrees to do. She wants to help everyone, but is just as ready to return to her home.

The Nein spot three new people – early arrivals to Traveler Con. Jester rushes over, introducing herself as the high priestess. The dwarf is Kellbast, a cheerful carpenter, while the haughty human woman is Cylia and her goliath bodyguard is Trudo. Cylia wants to know about her accommodations, but Veth informs her that things aren’t ready due to the previous con. Jester knows she needs to focus on getting everything ready and Kellbast offers to help. Veth thinks she could turn this into an event that is helpful to both the villagers and the Traveler’s followers. Orly and the crew approach and Fjord tells him about the garage, sending the crew to guard it and pointing out Eden’s Horizon as their ship of choice.

Beau finds a small shed to make their current base of operations and they go through what they found in Vokodo’s horde. It’s an absolute treasure trove of gems and coins and jewelry and the wealth is immense. They decide to give Vilya her fair share and keep their shares separate for now, to determine later how to handle giving the villagers money. Veth returns everyone’s items and gives Beau her flask, as she has lost her taste for whiskey. Caleb casts identify on the four magical items, learning that they are enchanted bolts with unpredictable magic, boots of flying, a powerful quarterstaff, and a protective coat. The bolts go to Veth, the staff to Beau, the boots to Caleb, and the coat to Yasha, who wrestles with giving up her breastplate.


Fjord sees Terra leading three people and she gestures for him. Yasha and Caduceus join him in a small meeting with her team. Terra’s name is Kotho, which Fjord recognizes as a notorious bounty hunter. She and her group just want to get off the island and Fjord offers to help them, as people coming to Traveler Con will be arriving on vessels and he’s sure that she can find an escape there. He asks who she was looking for before coming to Rumblecusp – someone who stole a weapon from her employer and evaded her capture. They inform the rest of the Nein about the strange conversation.

Caduceus helps the villagers prepare for the gathering, keeping note of their state of mind – most are shaken and trying to reconcile their lives. Jester talks with a dwarven family that has decided to stay and suggests turning Vo into a resort, an idea they take to and hope to implement for Traveler Con. Fjord talks to Jester, concerned about what the Traveler’s followers will do to her when their access to the Traveler is removed. Jester is focused on the big existential questions of worship, but Fjord just wants her to know that he cares about her and her well-being over the 200 followers. He won’t be able to support a situation where helping the Traveler puts Jester in danger and tells her she can always come to him when she’s upset – he’ll listen.

Though the party is exhausted, they join the villagers at Vilya’s gathering. Vilya comments on this transitional time and reminds them of the community they became together. She will see to their travel personally, though it will take time. For those who wish to stay, Vo will continue. She asks for trust and cooperation and respect. The villagers are a cacophonous forum – two hours of emotional conversation from everyone but Vilya helps them understand there is a path, no matter what they choose. She asks for one more night as the community of Vo and the forum slowly agrees (aided by some Jester thaumaturgy) and for tonight, tensions are manageable and positive. The Nein dream about a possible island resort and Caduceus suggests that they give the villagers a night to process their trauma.

A flask drunk Beau talks to Vilya, telling her that she’s a good leader and that whoever is waiting for her at home will be glad just to have her back. Vilya thanks the Nein for their aid. She can start teleporting groups in the morning and they discuss how to distribute the gold. The lack of money has maintained a peace in the village, so Caduceus suggests a leaving ceremony where they leave their Vo name behind and are given a bag of coin just before going through the tree. Caleb talks to Yasha and the two “quiet ones” share a moment together where he encourages her to allow herself some happiness, advice he can give to her but not himself. The night comes to a close as the party joins Vilya in her tree to get some sleep and keep the druid safe.

That is it for Episode 106 of Critical Role!


  • So all that stuff they had been slowly losing over time was with Vokodo! Creepy. But it’s all back now, barring a hammer.
  • In the case of Frumpkin v. Sprinkle, I think we all knew who would win that fight. At least Frumpkin is a cat again.
  • These poor villagers have been through so much. I’m glad they’re all getting to choose for themselves what life they want to live.
  • Now to plan Traveler Con! That’ll go great, right?
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 107 on Thursday, Aug 27th at 7pm Pacific on or a week later on our podcast. Is it next Thursday, yet?

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