9 Legal Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free (2024)

Gone are the days when Netflix was the sole player in the media streaming space. Nowadays, there are plenty of on-demand streaming services available to the average consumer.

The only catch is that most of them are paid. To make matters worse, all these platforms try to secure deals with studios to get exclusive streaming rights. It means that you have to subscribe to multiple services in order to enjoy the greatest variety of content.

However, there are some free streaming services that let you watch all the movies you'd ever want, all while remaining on the correct side of the law. Here are the best free legal movie streaming services.

1. Tubi

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Unlike other free streaming services, Tubi has a huge collection of new movies. This is mainly due to its partnership deals with major production houses such as Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate.

Tubi also allows you to stream movies from anywhere and on any platform. It boasts Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV support.

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Tubi is free and legal because it displays ads in the middle of your streams. That said, the number of ads is quite low, and it's a small price to pay for their stellar collection of films.

2. IMDb TV

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All of us turn to IMDb when we want to gauge how good a film or TV series is, but did you know that IMDb also has a free streaming service called IMDb TV?

The service allows you to stream a huge collection of movies and TV series for free. Being a big name in the film industry, IMDb TV offers the best movies in all genres. The service is supported by ads, so you don't have to pay a subscription fee.

You can access IMDb TV on any device including PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S. The only shortcoming is that it's only available to users in the US.

3. Vudu

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Vudu is a great resource if you're looking for classic films, alongside indie or lesser-known releases.

The site generates income by displaying ads in between your stream. You can also buy movies on Vudu and watch them without ads. There are some movies that can only be accessed by paying. These are usually newer or more well-known films.

The best part about the service is available worldwide and can be accessed on any device via the Vudu website.

4. Crackle

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Bought by Sony in 2006, Crackle offers an impressive collection of films and TV for users to watch. All for free.

Unlike other websites on the list, Crackle also has some excellent originals available for streaming. Anime lovers can also rejoice because the service has exceptional anime titles that can be streamed for free.

Crackle can be accessed by users in the USA, Australia, and 18 other Latin American countries. Alternatively, you can make use of some fast VPN services to access Crackle from anywhere in the world.

5. Popcornflix

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Popcornflix is another major ad-supported streaming service. The service contains a huge library of films for you to choose from. Additionally, the platform also pushes out originals from time to time.

Popcornflix contains one of the best collections of Asian films that make it unique to the free streaming space. The website can be accessed in all countries and supports all devices.

6. CONtv

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Founded in 2015, and free to use globally, CONtv has a wide array of films and TV series available across all genres. However, take a quick look through their catalog and you will observe that they mostly promote horror content.

Another striking feature of CONtv is its beautiful user interface that makes browsing through movies highly enjoyable. As a bonus, the website also has its own collection of comics that can be accessed via the CONtv website itself.

7. Kanopy

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If you're looking to consume avant-garde cinema and TV, Kanopy is the place. Though it's not free for everyone, you can access it using your public library or university card.

The service contains a huge collection of the best films ever made. From black and white classics to Oscar-winning modern flicks, you'll find everything on Kanopy.

The user experience is second to none, provided you meet the sign-up criteria. Kanopy also has its own mobile and TV apps.

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Plex started out as a service that allowed users to access their personal media library worldwide. It now has its own streaming service called Mediaverse.

Mediaverse by Plex mainly contains classics, but the occasional new film does pop up from time to time.

Mediaverse is completely free and can be used worldwide. The website can be accessed via a browser or its official app.

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9. Pluto TV

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With more than 36 million active users, Pluto TV has grown quite substantially since it launched in 2013. This is mainly due to its large library of films and TV, coupled with it being available in more than 20 countries.

The service is completely free to use and contains on-demand video and live channels. The website functions more as a cable TV replacement than a streaming service like Netflix, but still, it gives you access to a lot of free and quality content.

There's No Shortage of Free Streaming Platforms

As is evident by the entries above, there are many options available to you if you don't want to spend money on a streaming service.

Using these services, you can completely eliminate the need for paid subscription-based platforms, while still enjoying quality content.

In fact, most popular platforms do not have as many classic films as these free streaming services do.

9 Legal Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free (2024)
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